Excel Tips & Techniques

Course Length

3 hours

Course Objective

Become more efficient in your daily use of Microsoft Excel

Target Student

This class is for Excel users who are comfortable with the basics and want to learn shortcuts to be more efficient OR for people who havenít taken a training class recently (or ever) and want to learn new features.


Students should be comfortable with saving, opening, closing and basic editing and math.

Delivery Model

Instructor led, group-paced, classroom-delivery learning model with structured hands-on activities.

Course Outline

  • Using paste options
  • Collect and paste multiple items
  • Autofill, Repeat key, Format painter, Autocorrect
  • Modify the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Shortcuts for writing & copying functions
  • Shortcuts for moving around and selecting data
  • Move and copy cells with drag and drop
  • Excel templates
  • Recent Documents & Recent Folders
  • Insert and link an excel worksheet into a word document
  • Emailing Excel attachments

    Also Includes

    • Courseware book for each student.
    • Certificate of completion.