Microsoft Access Level 1

Course Length

1 Day (Typically 9AM - 4PM with a 1 hour lunch)

Target Student

This course is designed for students who wish to establish a foundational understanding of Microsoft Access, including the skills necessary to create a new database, construct data tables, work with data, and create queries.


Participants should be comfortable using the mouse and keyboard.

Delivery Model

Hands-on, instructor led, group-paced, classroom learning. The pace of class is based on the participants' previous computer experience and class expectations. Questions are welcome and encouraged!

Course Outline

Database Basics
Introduction to Databases
Understanding the Access Screen
Working with Database Objects
Tour of a Table, Form, Query & Report
Previewing & Printing Database Objects
Create & Work with a Database
Planning a Database
Creating a New Database
Creating a Table
Adding a Primary Key
Add, Edit & Delete Records
Using Undo
Using the Zoom Box
Creating Relational Databases
Understanding Table Relationships
Creating Relationships between Tables
Enforcing Referential Integrity
Printing and Deleting Relationships
Relationship Types
Field Properties
Understanding Field Properties
Inserting, Deleting, & Reordering Fields
Changing the Field Size
Format Number, Currency, & Date/Time Fields
Custom Formats
Formatting Text Fields
Setting a Default Value
Validating Data
Creating an Input Mask
Creating a Lookup Field
Creating a Value List
Modifying a Lookup List
Find, Filter & Format Data
Adjusting the Datasheet
Finding and Replacing Data
Sorting Records
Filtering by Selection
Using Common Filters
Understanding a Query
Creating a Query
Sorting a Query
Creating a Multiple Table Query
Using AND & OR Operators in a Query
Summarizing Groups of Records
Other Topics
Compacting and Repairing a Database
Using Help

Also Includes

  • Detailed class/reference book
  • Certificate of completion