Microsoft Excel Level 3

Course Length

1 Day (Typically 9AM - 4PM with a 1 hour lunch)

Course Objective

You will learn how to share data, and different ways to protect data, to track changes, many ways to analyze and evaluate data, customize the program, import from a text file and use macros.

Target Student

This course is intended for a student who has experience working with Excel and would like to learn how to share, protect, analyze, and evaluate data, to customize the program to use it more efficiently, to work with external data, and to create macros to automate frequently used commands. It also covers how to track changes.


To ensure your success, we recommend that you first take Excel Level 1 or have equivalent knowledge.

Delivery Model

Hands-on, instructor led, group-paced, classroom learning. The pace of class is based on the participants' previous computer experience and class expectations. Questions are welcome and encouraged!

Course Outline

Collaborating with Others
Using Data Validation
Protecting a Workbook
Protecting Worksheets and Worksheet Elements
Sharing a Workbook
Tracking Changes
Analyzing Data
Displaying and Tracing Formulas
Understanding Formula Errors
Creating Scenarios
Working with Data Tables
Using Goal Seek
Using Solver
Grouping and Outlining Data
Consolidating Data by Position or Category
Consolidate Data
Customize Excel
Changing Excel’s Default Options
Customize the Quick Access Toolbar
Using and Customizing AutoCorrect
Creating a Custom AutoFill List
Creating a Custom Number Format
Evaluating Data
Applying Conditional Formatting
Creating and Managing Conditional Formatting Rules
Using Sparklines
Working with External Data
Insert a Hyperlink
Import Data from a Text File
Working with Macros
Recording a Macro
Playing and Deleting a Macro
Adding a Macro to the Quick Access Toolbar
Editing a Macro’s Visual Basic Code

Also Includes

  • Detailed class/reference book
  • Certificate of completion.