Microsoft Excel Level 2

Course Length

1 Day (typically 9AM - 4PM with a 1 hour lunch)

Target Student

This course is for those who know the basics of Excel, who want to know how to access all the functions available in Excel and use the Tables feature to make it easier to work with a spreadsheet. Students will also learn how to use styles to make it quick and easy to apply a consistent format throughout a spreadsheet, and to use Conditional Formatting to allow you to easily see when numbers or words fall into patterns. It's also for those who want to use the power of PivotTables to easily analyze and summarize data, use the Comments, Text to Columns and Subtotals feature, and create charts.


It's recommended that participants have taken Excel Level 1 or have equivalent knowledge.

Delivery Model

Hands-on, instructor led, group-paced, classroom learning. The pace of class is based on the participants' previous computer experience and class expectations. Questions are welcome and encouraged!

Course Outline

Mastering Functions
Formulas with Multiple Operators
Absolute Cell References
Inserting Functions
Date & Time Functions
Text Functions
Using Logical Functions (IF)
Using Lookup Functions (VLOOKUP)
Working with Tables
Create a Table
Formatting a Table
Sort & Filter a Table
Use the Total Row
Converting to a Range
Advanced Formatting
Apply and Remove Cell Styles
Create & Modify Cell Styles
Conditional Formatting
Managing Conditional Formatting Rules
Create a PivotTable
Specify PivotTable Data
Change a PivotTable’s Calculation
Filter & Sort a PivotTable
PivotTable Layout
Use Grouping
Update a PivotTable
Format a PivotTable
Use Slicers & Timelines
Create a PivotChart
Other Topics
Using Text to Columns
Using Subtotals
Create a Chart

Also Includes

  • Detailed class/reference book
  • Certificate of completion.