Microsoft Excel Level 1

Course Length

1 Day (Typically 9AM - 4PM with a 1 hour lunch)

Course Objective

This course covers the features that people use day to day in Excel. You will learn to create and edit spreadsheets. This includes performing calculations (formulas and functions), copying and moving data, and insert and delete rows and columns. You will also learn to make the spreadsheet look attractive with many different formatting options, and change print options. We also cover working with sheets, using Help and making commands easily accessible.

Target Student

This course is intended for those with little or no experience with Excel, who want to learn the features they will use every day. It is also intended for those who have never taken a formal training class (or took one a long time ago) to learn new features and the most efficient way to perform commands.


Students should be comfortable using the mouse and keyboard.

Delivery Model

Hands-on, instructor led, group-paced, classroom learning. The pace of class is based on the participants' previous computer experience and class expectations. Questions are welcome and encouraged!

Course Outline

Program Fundamentals
How Can I Use Excel?
Understand the Excel Program Screen
Using Command Shortcuts
Create a New Workbook
Save, Close and Open a Workbook
Getting Started with Worksheets
Navigate a Worksheet
Enter Labels & Values
Enter Formulas
Enter Basic Functions
Copy Formulas & Functions
Absolute Cell References
Editing a Worksheet
Edit Cell Contents
Copy & Move Cells
Control How Cells Are Moved or Copied
Collect Items to Move or Copy
Insert & Delete Cells, Rows, & Columns
Format a Worksheet
Format Text & Dates
Format Values
Adjust Row Height & Column Width
Cell Alignment
Cell Borders & Background Colors
Copy & Clear Formatting
Print Options
Preview & Print a Worksheet
Adjust Margins & Orientation
Headers & Footers
Set the Print Area & use Page Breaks
Add Print Titles, Gridlines, & Row and Column Headings
Adjust Paper Size & Print Scale
Managing Workbooks
Insert & Delete Worksheets
Rename, Move & Copy Worksheets
Hide & Change Worksheet Tab Color
Split & Freeze a Workbook
Use Help & Customize Excel
Customize the Quick Access Toolbar
Use Help

Also Includes

  • Detailed class/reference book
  • Certificate of completion.